Enjoy any wine, one glass at a time.

This 100% Natural Argon Gas gives you the option of saving that opened bottle for later.

No rush. No problem. No worries.

Wine lovers, wine professionals or sommeliers: winesave® is made for you.

winesave® is a premium Argon gas preserver, perfect to save your wine, champagne and spirits after opening. FMS Wine Marketing is the official and exclusive reseller of this useful wine accessory in Africa. Created in Australia, winesave® is recommended by wine experts from all over the world for its efficiency (up to 120+ uses per can). Indeed, the freshness and taste of wines can be saved for several weeks, thanks to this 100% natural Argon gas.

Used by restaurants, bars, wineries and individuals at home in more than 40 countries, this wine preserver saves wine for savouring later, keeping the full taste profile intact. Argon gas is totally colourless, odourless, non-flammable, non-toxic and inert – protecting your opened wines because it is 2½ times heavier than air. It settles down on top of the wine, creating a protective layer between the wine and its worst enemy: oxygen. winesave® works perfectly on all still and sparkling wines, including spirits, saving your precious whiskeys and cognacs.

Simply put, winesave® is a premium alcoholic beverage preserver.



Open a bottle of wine and enjoy it. Then, fit the rubber tube extension (provided) on the nozzle on the top of the canister.


Insert the tube into the wine bottle so that the tip is 2 – 4cm above the wine and press the nozzle for 1 second.


Replace the cork or screwcap and store the bottle upright. Avoid tipping or shaking the bottle.


Store your wine during several weeks and finish it another time with winesave®!

100% Natural Argon Gas

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Average number of uses for the large can

Keeps wine longer

Avoids throwing away oxidized bottles

Quick and easy to use

Jancis Robinson

OBE, Master of Wine, and wine correspondent of the Financial Times

“There is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle. I have found it pretty good at preserving even delicate old red burgundy over a week.”

Phillipe Guigal

Directeur General & Oenologue of E. GUIGAL, producer of more 100-point Robert Parker wines than any other winery.

“winesave actually works perfectly for open bottles”

Dawn Davies

Head Sommelier, Selfridges UK

“After trying winesave once I have been totally converted. It is great to have an affordable home winesave® device that actually works and keeps the wine for a good length of time. I’m sure will be a must have for every wine lover.”