Create your own alcoholic beverage brand with FMS Wine Marketing. Launch your own private label brand and grow your own wine, champagne, spirits and beer range with our turn-key brand creation solution.


Discover our collections of wines, champagnes, spirits and beers meticulously selected to serve your target market. These list excellent boutique brands from South African and European producers.


Protect the taste of your opened wines, champagnes and spirits thanks to this 100% natural Argon gas recommended by renowned sommeliers and wine professionals in more than 40 countries worldwide.


FMS is a South African company based in Cape Town since 2000. We specialize in private label brand creation as a turn-key service. For instance, we create all types of alcoholic beverage brands from dedicated wine, champagne, MCC, cognac, whisky, gin and other spirits producers worldwide. More than that, we will build your own brand, such as Absolute Style Wines, adding complementary wines to build your range over time. 

Furthermore, we export entry to premium level branded wines from South Africa, including our own brand, New Beginnings. In addition, we also supply wines, whisky, cognac, champagne and other spirits from France, Ireland, Scotland and Spain directly to clients all around the world. On the other hand, FMS trades in bulk wines and spirits, supplying local and international producers to supplement their annual production.

Plus, FMS Wine Marketing is the official reseller of winesave® in Africa, distributing this premium Argon gas wine preserver to individual and professional clients which include wineries, bars, cafés and restaurants. Apart from alcoholic beverages activity, FMS also exports beverages like coffee, rooibos tea and food such as speciality cheeses, sauces and pastes under branded and private label options. With many years of experience in the farm produce industry, we can supply garlic, sweet potatoes, mini vegetables, dried and fresh fruits directly from producers in various countries.
FMS Wine Marketing operates as a marketing consultant to increase your sales by setting up an annual business plan or a brand strategy which fit your budget and your distribution model. As an international trading house, we can consolidate your order into a single consignment on any Incoterms® basis. As a result, we can handle your logistics for your own products (or those purchased from FMS) with ease and ship directly to your preferred port or warehouses.


With its import-export expertise, working closely with specialised forwarding companies, FMS can manage your local and international logistics for a quicker reactivity and efficiency of shipments to your target markets. 


Discover a large variety of cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, garlic, coffee (including green unroasted coffee beans) and tea (Rooibos, etc.) from all over the world. Some of these products are seasonal.


FMS can assist your company to develop a marketing plan to create your brand, website, annual marketing campaign and South African distribution, developing a strategy to reach new customers – all within a set budget.


Everyone at FMS Wine Marketing is most passionate about the wine and spirits industry and the service of its clients. The team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, while our reputation is backed by extensive qualifications with constant re-orders and referrals from clients. 

The company is market-driven, using tailor-made decisions. The FMS team follows every project and consignment conscientiously, providing real-time feedback to clients. We rely on repeat business, delivering all projects within the client’s budget and time frame. In brief, it’s easy to do business with us.

The founding director has 20+ years experience in the import-export industry, starting with fresh produce and moving to wine and spirits. Our office in Cape Town is ideally located within close proximity to the port and close to the Cape Winelands, ensuring immediate and effective action.