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FMS specialises in brand creation, focusing on creating private label wines and champagnes for clients.


Develop your own Private Label - Créer votre propre marque privée


Creating a new brand will make a major impact in changing your life for the better, building your legacy. Establishing an identity in the market place will ensure success, putting you in charge of your own destiny. You don't need to be a wine expert, nor does it require a big investment.


Our aim is to make it a simple process for our clients. You provide us with the project brief and we are in charge to deliver your masterpiece. FMS tasks involve: sourcing the ideal product, designing the label, doing the trademark search and registration, complying with label regulations, printing and attaching the labels, organizing all the proper certificates and lastly the transport to the final destination.


The various tasks and timeline is set out in giving a full private label project description.


Voilà, in 4 weeks you will have your own brand on your clients' shelves. The objective in creating a private brand is to realise the client´s vision in all respects, providing that "Ooh là là" factor that will make it stand out amongst the crowd, enabling its success.


Reach us at to start your own venture.


Assisting in creating a wealthy legacy for all our clients, helping them to fulfil their destiny.

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