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Choose premium branded wines, champagnes, whiskies and cognacs from our meticulously selected portfolio. FMS offers only superior products to our clients, ensuring that you find exactly what you are looking for. We have the brand to suit your budget and your palate - products we are proud of.


Global Wine & Spirits


See the two banners below created for us by Global Wine and Spirits as a testimony of our continued success as agent for various top South African cellars, producer for New Beginnings Wines, including importer and distributor of winesave ®.


This was our banner created on request of GWS in November 2010 when FMS launched this website:-

To celebrate 10 years of exporting wines FMS is pleased to welcome you to its new website:

Just what you need since 10 years...

Since 2000, FMS is a producer, wine negociant and international trading house focusing on the export of wines from entry level to high-end at producer price list. Because we have a very professional approach, some of our clients had chosen FMS rather than dealing with the cellar.

4 sales in 4 months to 4 new clients thanks to GWS!!

A few words from Wine Shops - our new client in Poland found through GWS: "FMS Marketing allowed us to do things in 2 months that normally would take 1 year. Professional, personal, always ready to assist and highly effective. I can recommend them wholeheartedly." Do not hesitate to contact us:


Have a look at the banner created in April 2013 for GWS as a testimony of our continued success on GWS:-

Just what you need since 12 years...

Thanks to GWS, FMS has become the 1st port of call for an importer in Denmark to set up their own private label, an importer in the Czech Republic to source bulk wine, and importers in York, UK and New York, USA to try our portfolio of bottled wines from boutique cellars spread across the Cape. Shortly, we'll introduce a 5-star winery from Franschhoek with a 300 year history to fulfill your requests for top tier wines. You're welcome to browse and contact us with your specific need.


Drayman's craft brewery & distillery


Drayman's is a craft brewery and craft distillery in the heart of Pretoria, on the Highveld of South Africa at 1,600m altitude where no single malt whisky has ever been made. This province, famous for being the Cradle of Humankind now a lso boasts this tiny distilling pioneer who makes rich, single malt whisky, similar in style to those that made the Highlands and Islay regions of Scotland famous.


Drayman's Highveld 9-year old Single Malt Whisky is made in the same way as its Scottish inspiration, albeit on a craft scale, aged in 225L French casks.

Tasting notes: Deep caramel colour. Upfront apricots on the nose, whiffs of vanilla. It follows through onto the pallet including marmalade, honey, figs, and caramel. Long persistent finish of apricots.


Drayman's Solera 3-18 year old Whisky blend is produced using the original Solera process where the mother cask is always kept half full. No cask is ever drained, so some of the earlier whisky always remains in each cask. With each filling the transferred whisky mixes and matures with the older whisky in the next cask. A wood matured Solera dram is a rare pleasure never before offered in South Africa.

Tasting notes: Savour the silky smooth, chocolate and orange flavours with a gentle, lingering honey smoothness. Expect a hint of smoke, juicy fruits and rich mature oak finish.


Handcrafted Mashing

Low protein, 2 row barley malt is used exclusively in the mashtun. A small portion of imported Peated Malt grains are blended into the mash for the distinctive and highly cherished smoky character. Malt is crushed on site with a Bamford two roller mill. Local water with medium hardness is charcoal filtered and softened at the distillery. Mashing has only two waters, 65°C which rests for 60 minutes before running off and then 78°C. These two make up a wort specific gravity of 1.060. Mashing and runoff takes 3 hours. After mashing, which activates the conversion of all the starches in sweet malt-sugar, runoff is initiated. Emphasis is placed on achieving a bright, clear runoff.



Fermentation is for 7 days at 30°C and the result is a wash of about 7% alcohol. The ale yeast collected from the brewery's beer fermenters is pitched. After fermentation the wash is subjected to an additional 2 days to encourage a secondary malolactic fermentation - which creates a smooth distillate.



The stillman preheats the wash through a plate and frame heat-exchanger prior to distillation. A double distillation system where low wines are redistilled is done. The result of the spirit-run is only 10% new make spirit, because a very clean middle cut or "heart" is taken to mature as whisky. Foreshots and feints comprise 45% of the distillate and are returned to the potstill for re-distillation with every batch.


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FMS provides connoisseurs the opportunity to acquire brands from an impressive selection of wines & spirits.


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